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About Us

We Build for People


Code Blue Construction, LLC

We take on projects located on the East Coast and Southern United States.  Depending your needs our services range from planning, estimating, pre-construction, construction management, post-construction clean-up, warranty period maintenance. 

We take on different sectors of projects spanning development, commercial construction, industrial, military, public, roadway, hospitals, educational, retail, demolition, concrete, bridge work. 

David Anaya, VP Construction Management, Hospital Projects 

David Anaya has completed work for Disneyland, major hospitals, commercial projects, veterinary clinics, major brand gyms throughout the United States.  His background in framing construction and drywall projects has helped him succeed as our best Senior Superintendent.

David's communication skills with tradesmen has led to superior work.

David's focus is the Florida region and Northeast United States. 

Laura Alexander, VP Construction Management, Military, Industrial, Education, Civic, Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, Office

In 2021-2022 Laura planned a half-mile wide area of Memphis to address the needs of the local community a project that is a subject of a $425-million grant application.  

Laura Alexander has completed a full spectrum work that spans lower level schools, universities, industrial and office buildings, major demolition, convention centers, hotel construction, restaurants, major brand gyms, dormitories, military projects, religious facilities, strip malls,  restaurants and bars and major brand gyms located all over the United States.  

Her talents are in construction Project Management, Superintendent, Quality Control Management, with strong skills in negotiation and contracts. 

Laura handles projects on the East Coast and South Region. 

Joe Creswell, Construction Project Manager

Joe has focused his career in small renovations in the south region covering Florida and Georgia.

Shannon McKenzie, Pre-Construction  Manager

Shannon has performed pre-construction work for over 15-years. 

Tracy Duncan, Safety Manager

Tracy leads our safety department and ensures that all projects meet local safety rules.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

We use a cohesive approach to every project we take on.  The people we hire come with vast experience and knowledge.  

We like to be different we provide freedom for every employee to acquire experience that we aren't able to provide them when they need it.  We encourage personal growth and sometimes that means allowing employees to take a hiatus and work elsewhere on projects that improves their knowldege in construction.  

Understanding how other contractors overcome hurdles in weather, soil, natural disasters, fire, flood are all areas that are important to making better decisions on future projects.  That is why we give freedom to learn. 

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